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The Safest Place to Wait for Roadside Assistance 

roadside assistance

Finding yourself marooned on the side of the road is an unpleasant event that can occur to anyone. When faced with such circumstances, having access to roadside support can be a priceless lifeline. Nevertheless, being well-informed about the safest place to wait for roadside assistance remains crucial, ensuring utmost safety.

Where is the safest place to wait for roadside assistance? Here are the best places to wait: 

Inside Your Vehicle

Although exiting your car might be feasible, unless it exhibits signs of smoking or overheating, it is highly advisable to remain inside the vehicle, securely fastening your seatbelt. Remember, your car stands out more conspicuously than you do, thus, staying within offers added protection, preventing further harm. Waiting for roadside assistance from the comfort of your car is among the safest place to wait for roadside assistance.

This approach becomes even more critical if you find yourself stranded at night, amidst a storm or rain, or in an isolated and potentially hazardous area. Keep the car doors locked, and avoid wandering around the vehicle, as it could attract unwarranted attention, especially from opportunistic individuals who might seek to exploit your situation during the cover of darkness.

The Right Roadside Shoulder 

Most highways provide a designated roadside bay for drivers to park their vehicles during emergencies. If you are stranded but can still propel your car, it is advised to skillfully navigate it towards the right roadside bay, ensuring a safe distance from oncoming traffic before contacting roadside assistance. Blocking the road can pose significant risks not only to yourself but also to other motorists. While some drivers might evade your vehicle with agility, others may not respond as swiftly, leading to potential collisions and further harm. Therefore, locating the nearest emergency bay and parking on the road’s right shoulder is crucial.

Away from Other Motorists and Vehicles 

Should your vehicle falter on a bustling highway and you deem it secure to disembark, trust your instincts and exit through the passenger door, placing yourself at a greater distance from the traffic flow. Exercise extreme caution, meticulously scanning both directions before stepping toward the road, even if you are off its immediate path. To enhance visibility during this maneuver, consider donning a fluorescent jacket, ensuring you stand out conspicuously to approaching vehicles as you gracefully leave your car.


Where is the safest place to wait for roadside assistance? To sum up, finding yourself stuck on the road can be stressful, and seeking aid from roadside assistance is undoubtedly the wisest course of action in such circumstances. As you patiently await assistance, prioritizing your safety remains paramount. Stay vigilant, fully present, and aware of your surroundings to ensure a secure wait until help arrives.

Call Paddack’s for Quick Emergency Roadside Assistance 

At Paddack’s, our priority is promoting and endorsing responsible driving practices. We recognize that despite your best efforts, unexpected circumstances can emerge, potentially leading to the need for roadside assistance in the future. 

In such situations, be assured that Paddack’s is fully equipped to provide prompt and reliable towing and roadside assistance services. Your safety and peace of mind are paramount to us, and our unwavering commitment is to extend the assistance you require whenever needed.