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Heavy Equipment Hauling After Equipment Breakdown

Heavy Equipment Hauling Successfully Completed by Experienced Indiana Towing Company

Professional heavy equipment hauling company, Paddack’s Wrecker and Heavy Transport, is capable of handling many different tasks for our clients. If you are working on a construction site, a lot can happen in the span of one working day. From stalled vehicles to assistance with heavy loads, the Paddack’s crew has assisted many local businesses over the years. 

In this particular instance, a customer had called after a piece of their construction equipment had broken down. With decades of experience in construction equipment and similar scenarios, Paddack’s was confident they could complete this heavy equipment hauling quickly and efficiently. 

And they did just that! Upon arriving at the scene, the crew got to work and were able to complete the job in only 1 hour! They picked up the damaged equipment, set it on a trailer, and made their way to a repair shop in Indianapolis

The customer was extremely pleased to receive such fast and professional services from the Paddack’s team. Once again, Paddack’s Wrecker and Heavy Transport have proven themselves as the go-to heavy towing company in and around Indianapolis! Way to go team! Keep up the great work! 

indianapolis heavy equipment hauling

Details of Heavy Equipment Hauling Successfully Completed by Experienced Indiana Towing Company

Paddack’s Wrecker and Heavy Transport recently assisted a customer in northern Indiana with heavy equipment hauling. The customer called the expert heavy equipment hauling company after he ran into some trouble with their equipment. 

The customer had a piece of their construction equipment breakdown and realized that he needed to call for professional help for heavy equipment hauling. He called the Paddack’s crew and spoke with a dispatcher who sent over the nearest heavy equipment hauling crew to his location. 

The heavy equipment hauling crew left their headquarters and made their way to County Road in northern Indiana. In order to complete the heavy equipment hauling job, they brought with them a 75 ton rotator and a 8 axle lowboy tractor.

The two team members from Paddack’s quickly arrived at the heavy equipment hauling scene and assessed the situation before starting the job. The equipment was 45,000 pounds and they needed to come up with the most efficient solution. Once they made a plan, they got to work on the heavy equipment hauling. 

To start the heavy equipment hauling, the team of two set up the rotator next to the bulldozer and rigged it. From there, they picked it up and set it onto the lowboy trailer. After it was safely on the lowboy trailer, the heavy equipment hauling team decided to transport the piece of equipment to the nearest repair facility in Indianapolis. 

Once they arrived at the repair facility, the heavy equipment hauling team unloaded the equipment for repair. The entire heavy equipment hauling job took the professional Paddack’s team 1 hour.