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Storage Container Lifting Assistance for Indianapolis Company

Soft Ground Results in Company Calling Storage Container Lifting Pros for Assistance

Did you know that some professional towing companies can assist with storage container lifting for other companies? Paddack’s Wrecker recently did just that when they helped a local Indianapolis company in their private yard. 

The Paddack’s crew received a call from a customer who needed to move their empty storage containers in their yard. The soft ground was making it difficult for them to move the containers, despite the best efforts of their own team. Unfortunately, their forklift couldn’t do the job, and they needed the help of experts to get the job done right. 

The storage container lifting pros at Paddack’s was happy to help! A crew of 3 made their way to the Indianapolis private yard where they began the job. First, they set up an efficient process to move each storage container. Once they got the process down pat, they repeated it for all 33 containers!

This impressive job took the Paddack’s team 6 hours. Needless to say, the local Indianapolis company was extremely happy that they made the decision to call in a team of professionals! Great job to the team at Paddack’s Wrecker! 

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Details of Soft Ground Results in Company Calling Storage Container Lifting Pros for Assistance

The crew of Paddack’s Wrecker and Heavy Transport recently helped a local company with storage container lifting. The local company called for storage container lifting in a private yard in Indianapolis, IN after they realized that they needed the help of experts. 

Because of the soft ground, the company’s forklift was not able to lift the containers. Realizing that they needed the assistance of a professional storage container lifting crew, the towing company called the trusted Indiana storage container lifting team. Paddacks’ Wrecker was happy to assist and made their way to the scene as quickly as possible. 

The storage container lifting crew of 3 left their headquarters and brought with them a 50 ton rotator and a 75 ton rotator. Once they arrived on the scene, they assessed the situation of the storage container lifting job. The storage container lifting pros noticed that all the containers were empty and stacked, which made the job slightly easier. 

To start the storage container lifting job, the crew first used the boom lift. They used the rigger in the boom lift to go on top of containers and then once it was placed, the storage container lifting crew rigged it to each end of the container. 

The rotators worked together to lift the empty containers and swing them down. From there, the storage container lifting pros stacked them in a different area. This storage container lifting process was repeated for each container in the private yard. 

The entire storage container lifting job took the Paddack’s Wrecker team 6 hours. The storage container lifting crew successfully managed to move 33 containers.